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GellyBall Blasters

Your resource for everything you need to know about playing GellyBall at home.


How-to guides, recommendations and  ideas.

*Not an official GellyBall Brand Site

GellyBall Safety!

Safety is the most important thing! Never shoot at or toward anyone who is not wearing proper eye protection and who is not actively and knowingly and willingly participating in your game. Use only under responsible adult supervision and on private property with permission. 

Which GellyBall Blaster do you have?

Model 1911

The 1911 style blaster is GellyBall’s commercial-grade workhorse used by thousands of players each week. Click for details, warranty and support information.

Model X-2

The X-2 is a consumer grade, retail only product. There is no warranty or official support available for this product. Click for details.

Model AK

The AK Rifle is a consumer grade, retail only product. There is no warranty or official support available for this product. Click for details.


Everything you need to know about your GellyBall Ammo from Hydration to Storage


How to maintain and use your battery powered GellyBall blaster.


What is covered and how to make use of your GellyBall warranty.


We hope to help you have an amazing experience with your GellyBall brand Home Kit.

Review all the information on this site to understand how to best prepare, use and maintain your GellyBall Blasters and accessories.

About Us is not an official GellyBall brand website. It is operated independently by an authorized GellyBall brand dealer.

The information in this site is designed to help Home Kit owners and users through their GellyBall experience.

Some details (specifically about warranty and contact) may not apply to all Home Kit users. Please reach out to your GellyBall dealer to inquire about warranty (if any) and other support.



Soak your GellyBalls in a bucket, pitcher or bowl of water for at least 2 hours (3hrs is better when possible to ensure proper hydration. Overnight is fine too.)
You may hydrate the GellyBalls for longer as well. They are designed to stay at the proper size once hydrated.
Use about 1 gallon of water per 10,000 GellyBalls. The retail pack in your kit is likely 10k GellyBalls. You can use about half a gallon if hydrating only half of your retail pack of GellyBalls.
It is better to use too much water than too little during hydration.


Thoroughly strain the hydrated Gellyballs before using them!
Use a kitchen strainer, paint strainer net, or your hands to remove as much excess water as possible.
Excess water will damage the GellyBall Blaster.
We recommend double straining.


Each hopper holds between 650-750 GellyBalls. The Low Profile Hoppers hold 250-300 GellyBalls.

You can load the hoppers many ways. The easiest is to scoop hydrated and strained GellyBalls into your hand and pour them into the hopper manually.
When the hopper is nearly full, place your finger inside blocking most of the opening and turn the hopper upside down giving it a few shakes and time for any excess water to run out without losing any GellyBalls.


Unused hydrated GellyBalls may be stored for a long period of time in extra water and a sealed container.
Just pour all left over ammo into a bucket or bottle. Fill the container with water to the level of the GellyBalls and place a lid on the container.
Strain the GellyBalls again before using the next time.
Gellyballs can keep for months when stored and sealed in water.



Remove the battery from the blaster if it is connected. Charge the battery with the provided USB Cable.
When the cable indicator is solid green, the battery is charged. Remove the battery when charged. Do not over charge. Do not leave the charger unattended. Depending on the USB power supply you use, it should take between 45 minutes and 2hrs to charge the battery. If the battery appears bloated, stop charging it immediately and do not re-use.
Do not charge the battery while connected to the blaster.


Place the barrel cover (if applicable) over the tip of the blaster anytime it is not in active use.

Load the battery into the battery compartment (under the barrel for 1911 pistols and under the grip for X-2's). Secure the battery connection and then insert the battery and wires into the compartment. Close and latch cover without pinching any wires. Flip the switch at the bottom of the grip (or at the back of the x-2)to turn on and squeeze the trigger to test fire with no ammo. Turn the switch off again before loading ammo.

With the blaster upside down, load the ammo hopper (after removing the cap) by twisting it onto the blaster. Do not over tighten as it can snap the connector on the blaster.


Remove the barrel cover when ready to play (if applicable).

Flip the safety switch at the bottom of the hand grip (or the back of the x-2) to activate the blaster.

Point only at what you want to shoot and only at who and what are participating in your game.
The blaster is fully automatic and will shoot 10-15 rounds per second when you hold the trigger.
Shoot in short bursts rather than full-auto to save your battery and your ammo. If the blaster jams, 2-3 vertical shakes usually clears the jam. Other shaking motions may put strain on the hopper connection.


Do you have one?

Warranty is determined by the GellyBall blaster model and the Dealer who sold the Home kit.


The AK Rifle and the X-2 Blaster have no warranty.

Check with your dealer to find out if your product is covered under warranty.

What is covered?

If you have a warranty from your GellyBall Dealer, the covered parts are the internal firing mechanism of the blaster. 

If the blaster stops functioning as it should, you may be elligible for repair or replacment. 

What is not covered?

Accessories, batteries, barrel covers, barrel tips, hopper connection collar, battery door and cosmetic parts are not covered by the warranty.

Damage from excess water is not covered.

Do not submerge the blaster or othewise expose it to significant moisture.

Get Covered Service

Your local GellyBall Dealer (if applicable) will be your best point of contant for repair or replacement during the warranty period.

Contact your local dealer.  The blaster may be repaired or replaced with working blaster. 

The warranty period continues from the original date of purchase. It does not reset or change after warranty service or replacement has been provided.

Not Covered Service

Your local GellyBall Dealer is your resource for purchasing replacement parts for all non-warranty repairs. Prices are set by each dealer for these and all GellyBall parts and accessories. 

More to come...

We will be adding more detailed information, videos and game ideas in the near future.