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GellyBall Blaster Model X-2 Home Kit

The X-2 model GellyBall brand blaster is a consumer grade retail-only product. It does not come with a warranty from GellyBall or from GellyBall Dealers. 

While your purchase may vary, typically the X-2 comes with 10k dehydrated GellyBalls, rechargeable LiPo Battery with USB charging cable, safety goggles, a standard clear hopper (holds appx 700 hydrated GellyBalls), swappable accent color tip and fins and a draw string bag.

The accent fins and tip are swappable from orange to blue. Both included in the kit.

The hopper mount slides off for loading or to reduce damage if dropped.

The battery compartment is on the bottom of the grip. Remove battery from blaster before charging.

Charge from any USB power source. Time to charge depends on the power source and beginning charge level. 45-2hrs is typical

Remove from charger when full. Green light indicates charging is complete. Review all battery and charging safety information.

Approximately 10k dehydrated GellyBalls. See storage and hydration instructions on home page.